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Making life

better by doing.

Making life better on this planet in a sustainable way. For our generation and that of our children.
Not through charity or idealism. But by addressing social challenges through the needs and
desires of entrepreneurs. That is the goal of WeForward.

Our activities

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The world, that's you and me. That’s us. We, all together. If we want that world to get better, to become more sustainable, we must not act foolishly and think it will succeed by doing less or asking for money. The only way we know, is to go forward and tackle social challenges by responding smart to opportunities. By doing business in such a way that everyone benefits together.

About us

The strong shoulders behind WeForward are entrepreneurs Frank Missoul and Dajo Hermans. But much more than that WeForward revolves around two people, WeForward revolves around dozens of people, employees, supporters, partners, etc. We prefer to call
them “family”.

The people behind us

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