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The strong shoulders behind WeForward are entrepreneurs Frank Missoul and Dajo Hermans. But much more than that WeForward revolves around two people, WeForward revolves around dozens of people, employees, supporters, partners, etc. We prefer to call them “family”.


Both Frank and Dajo had a company in the past, which they successfully sold. Frank owned Amithaba, the first company to run corporate fitness. Dajo co-owned Bepublic Group, a PR agency that grew into the largest in the country.


Both entrepreneurs found each other in their common DNA. They want to do good for the world, but not part-time. Not as a hobby or as some charity work. Full time - preferably more - and structurally. And then entrepreneurs also need an economic carrot. They need the feeling that they are building something. Building a positive story that benefits everyone, the whole family. That’s why they launched WeForward.

Linkedin Frank

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The people behind us

Frank and Dajo
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