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Our activities

"Everyone talks about corporate social responsibility. With Forest Fwd, you just do it. Not
words, but deeds. And everyone can enjoy it."

Revive magazine by Story Fwd

Story Fwd is a sustainable communications agency and focuses on your sustainable, social story. For them, not the classic "Public Relations" but much rather "Sustainable Relations." Story Fwd helps you focus your sustainable plans and projects, tell them well, and thus strengthen your reputation.

Story Fwd

"Doing what you say, that's the basics. But also don't forget to tell the world why you do

Event for Adpo by Lagom Events

Lagom Events sets up sustainable events. Sustainable, for sure, but they also make sure it all remains manageable and feasible. 

Lagom Events

"Not too much, not too little, just exactly right. That's what ‘Lagom’ means, and that's how
sustainable events should be. It's all about balance."

people planting trees with Forest Fwd

Forest Fwd engages companies in nature creation. And not coincidentally, its slogan is: “We make sustainability happen”. Forest Fwd realizes corporate forests and corporate nature. Local, close to home, not on the other side of the world. It  involves much more than just planting trees, because the forests will always be 'activated' and companies can organize impact events there.

Forest Fwd

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