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About us

The world, that's you and me. That’s us. We, all together. If we want that world to get better, to become more sustainable, we must not act foolishly and think it will succeed by doing less or asking for money. The only way we know, is to go forward and tackle social challenges by responding smart to opportunities. By doing business in such a way that everyone benefits together.

Positivism, therefore, is also not accidentally in our DNA. The glass is always half full. In addition, we float on decisiveness. Doing! Because good ideas often remain theoretical if there is no one behind them to get the engine going.

The companies operating under WeForward always have three objectives in mind:

Helping companies, our customers, advance sustainably.


Giving back to society.


And positively motivate our partners - ranging from local governments over organizations and institutions to farmers or other entrepreneurs.

WeForward is passionate about entrepreneurship and loves to help bring smart projects to market intensively. We are not what you can call a kind of "classic" investors, we are entrepreneurs. We prefer to roll up our sleeves ourselves. That keeps us sharp.

But without a doubt, we also like to give others opportunities. We believe that whoever gives also gets back. When it comes to business, the numbers have to be right, but human capital is what we hold most dear. That's why everything we do is done from a positive perspective.

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